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DP Hyla Active 3D Sculptured Mask

Dr WW Skincare

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DP Hyla Active 3D Sculptured Mask


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Recommended and approved post procedure mask for skin needling, dermabrasion, chemical peel, IPL, Laser RF. Also suitable for homecare.

Hyla Active 3D Sculptured Mask contains nourishing calming and anti-aging ingredients to deliver intense hydration and recovery support. 

Refrigerate for additional cooling effect. Suitable for all skin types.


1. Open sealed sachet. Apply to clean skin or newly treated face starting from the forehead, wrap around the ears then smooth out over the entire face and neck area, eliminating any unnecessary air bubbles. Eyes should be closed throughout the treatment.

2. Leave to activate for 10–30 minutes to activate ingredients into the skin.

3. Remove and discard. Single use only.

4. For best results apply a suitable treatment cream, such as Dr WW Repair & Recovery or Dr WW Ageless Cream.


  • Hylafuse Complex

    A triple weighted Hyaluronic Acid complex that effortlessly absorbs into the skin to promote maximum hydration moisture infusion and long lasting comfort.

  • Copper Peptides

    A patented power peptide that is clinically proven to accelerate wound healing and repair while stimulating collagen production and quality. The skin appears repaired and renewed with increased resiliency and defence.

  • Mineral Ore Ferment: Including Zinc, Copper, Iron, Magnesium and Silicon

    These oligo-elements strengthen skin activity and collagen for regulated function. The skin appears visibly refreshed and renewed with strengthened immunity and clarity.

  • Hydrolysed Collagen

    A bio-identical potent hydrator that stimulates increased hydration and firmness. The complexion appears more radiant and luminous with increased vitality.

  • Willow bark

    A potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory botanical rich in soothing salicin and protective tannins. Redness, irritation and sensitivity are visibly reduced for a more comfortable and balanced complexion.